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Radial McBoost



1-channel Active Mic Boost Direct Box

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True to its name, Radial's McBoost boosts the output of dynamic mics, giving you better transient response. You can also use it on your low-output ribbon mics to bring them up to optimal input level for your console or preamp. McBoost's 100% discrete Class A circuitry starts with a 2-transistor J-FET circuit that produces up to 25dB of clean gain. Connect McBoost in-line and activate phantom power. Choose one of three impedance settings. Kick in the 3-position level switch if needed. You're ready to rock. McBoost's elevated output adds clarity and the drive you need for long cable runs in the studio, broadcast center, and onstage.

Let's take a peek under the hood of the Radial McBoost. To guarantee performance, every transistor is meticulously measured and batch-sorted to meet the design specification. And like every Radial product, the McBoost is designed tour-tough. Its roadworthy 14-gauge steel I-beam inner frame protects against torquing that could result in premature parts failure, while the unique book-end outside shell puts the controls and connectors in a protective zone. At Sweetwater, we expect nothing less from Radial.

Radial McBoost Microphone Signal Intensifier Features:

  • 25dB signal intensifier for dynamic and ribbon mics
  • 100% discrete Class A circuitry
  • 3-position load switch optimizes response
  • 3-position level switch controls the gain
  • Runs on 48V phantom power

Boost weak mic signals with the Radial McBoost!


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