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Radial JDX 48



1-channel Active Instrument Direct Box

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Deliver your amp's tone through the PA

The JDX 48 makes it easy to get a consistent and natural amplifier tone through the PA system night after night, by taking a feed directly from your amplifier and employing Radial's popular JDX speaker emulation that produces an effect similar to placing a dynamic microphone in front of a 4x12 half stack cabinet. This gives you a more manageable sound onstage for gigs where feedback is an issue, or if mic'ing your amp isn't an option. For artists that employ in-ear monitoring systems, the JDX 48 provides consistent tone each night in the monitor mix for shorter setup times and a more comfortable audio feed for the artist.


Dual powering options

The JDX 48 can be powered using 48V phantom from the mixing console, for a cleaner setup on stage that eliminates the need to carry a power supply to the gig. However, for times when phantom power may not be available, the JDX 48 also ships with a separate DC power supply - giving you a redundant powering option so you never have to perform without your JDX.



  • Reactive load for natural feel
  • Multi-stage filter to emulate 4x12 cabinet
  • Isolated signal path eliminates noise
  • High output capability for big amps


  • Eliminates need for microphone
  • Delivers consistent sound every show
  • Speeds set-up and sound checks
  • Works on guitar or bass

Cool Bits

  • Tone does not change every night
  • Particularly effective with in-ear monitors
  • Works great for recording in the studio
  • No longer needs AC power connection
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