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CAD AUDIO E100SP Studio Pack with E100SX, CX2, AS10, VP1, and CLC25



CAD E100SP Studio Pack with E100SX, CX2, AS10, VP1, and CLC25

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Are you in need of a complete vocal studio recording package? Check out the CAD Audio E100SP Studio Pack, which combines the E100Sx large-diaphragm supercardioid condenser microphone with the CX2 Connect II 2x2 USB audio interface, an AS10 Acousti-Shield desktop/stand mount acoustic enclosure, a 25' premium XLR cable, and the VP-1 6" pop filter to create a turnkey vocal recording solution well suited for musicians, singers, and podcasters.

CAD E100Sx Large-Diaphragm Supercardioid Condenser Microphone

The CAD E100Sx is a versatile microphone with a large-diaphragm condenser element that can be used to record a wide variety of sources including vocals, percussion, and acoustic instruments. This fourth-generation version of the E100 features a narrow supercardioid pickup pattern that focuses audio capture tightly in front of the mic, helping to reject unwanted background sounds and making it well suited to studio, voice-over, and podcasting applications.

The mic's sensitive 1" nickle-plated diaphragm has been engineered to provide accurate phasing for a full, rich vocal sound with a hint of vintage coloration and extended low-end response. An optional 100 Hz high-pass filter with a 6 dB per octave slope can be engaged to filter out those low frequencies, if you prefer. The E100Sx offers a 10 dB pad switch for use on louder audio sources, allowing the mic to handle up to 136 dB SPL.

The included shockmount offers a low-profile appearance and absorbs vibrations to reduce rumbling noise, helping the sensitive, low-noise capsule to deliver detailed, nuanced recordings. A 48V phantom power source is required to power the condenser microphone element.

CAD CX2 Connect II 2x2 USB Audio Interface

Producers, musicians, and podcasters can record at home or on the go with the CAD CX2 Connect II, a portable 2x2 USB Type-C audio interface that combines quality sound with operational simplicity and a robust all-metal body. The two preamps with combo XLR-1/4" mic/instrument inputs enable you to record either two microphones or a combination of microphone and instrument, perfect for the singer/songwriter or a vocalist with an accompanying instrumentalist.

The CX2 Connect II lets you record at professional 24-bit / 96 kHz resolution. It offers 48V phantom power for use with studio condenser microphones and is fully USB bus-powered—no external power source required. A volume knob controls the level of the left and right 1/4" line outputs. There is also a headphone out with volume knob to monitor yourself while performing. For complete recording freedom, the interface is compatible with almost any recording software on Windows or Mac laptop or desktop computers.

Record Quality Audio at Home or On the Go
  • 2 preamps with combo XLR-1/4" inputs for recording either microphone or instrument-level audio
  • 24-bit / 96 kHz resolution
  • USB Type-C connectivity
  • Gain knob for each channel
  • Instrument/Line switch for optimizing level and impedance of 1/4" signal source
  • Mono mode sums channel 1 and channel 2 inputs to record left and right (useful for podcast interviews)
  • Stereo mode passes channel 1 to record left and channel 2 to record right (for music tracking or live stereo recording)
  • Headphones output with volume knob
  • Left and right 1/4" balanced line outputs with volume knob
  • +48V phantom power
  • USB bus-powered
CAD Acousti-Shield AS10 Desktop / Stand Mount Acoustic Enclosure

Podcasters and content creators looking for an inexpensive way to isolate vocals will be impressed with the CAD Audio Acousti-Shield AS10, a miniature desktop or stand-mounted acoustic shield that was developed as an effective tool for recording audio for video, voiceovers, or any audio recording project. The shield substantially reduces unwanted reflections, echo, and unwanted environmental acoustic interference.

The AS10 is constructed from 12-guage perforated metal and high-density foam. The adjustable clamp will accommodate most microphones. After mounting your microphone, simply place the shield on your desktop or attach it to a microphone stand (separately sold). A 5/8" to 3/8" mic stand adapter is included.

  • The Acousti-Shield AS10 reduces reflections, echo and attenuates unwanted environmental acoustic interference
  • An innovative advanced mounting design allows for maximum positioning stability even when using an economy mic stand
  • An effective tool for recording audio for video, voiceovers, or any audio recording project


CAD Premium XLR Male to XLR Female Microphone Cable (25')

The CAD Premium XLR Male to XLR Female Microphone Cable is a 25' cable designed to connect a microphone to a preamp, mixer, recorder, audio interface, or other piece of audio gear offering an XLR input.

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