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Yamaha DM3S



Ultra-compact 22Ch Digital Mixer

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The word “compact” is often associated with limitations, and in the sound reinforcement world, often implies compromises in functionality, connectivity, or sound quality, and sometimes all three. Until now, choosing a compact console has almost invariably been a matter of what you’re willing to sacrifice to get the capabilities you need in the space you have. The new DM3 series of mixing consoles shatters this stereotype, offering superb sound quality, fast and easy setup and operation, and professional-level features for live sound, streaming, and live or home recording and music production—a combination unmatched in any other mixing console this size. In an ever-changing world that constantly presents new challenges as well as opportunities, DM3 mixing consoles give you the power and flexibility to do more with than you ever imagined with a compact digital console.

The DM3S is an ultra-compact 22 Channel digital mixer sure to get you your next gig. Capable of 96kHz sample rates, the DM3 Series continues the Yamaha legacy of sonic purity, offering you the perfect canvas for mixing, recording, and streaming from a company that knows how to create music. When not on stage, DM3S can be used as a DAW controller in the home studio. Built to make mixing easy, the console encourages the engineer to focus on the music, utilizing the best in class, 9” touchscreen and a single Touch & Turn knob for managing most of the operation.


• Renowned Yamaha sound quality with 96kHz sample rate
• 22 Channels (16 Mono / 1 ST / 2 ST FX RTNs)
• 6 Mono or 3 ST Mixes / 2 Matrixes / 1 ST Bus
•16 Professional Yamaha Pre-Amps (12x XLR + 4x Como Jack)
• 8 Analog Outputs (XLR)
• 18x18 USB Audio Interface for playback and recording and 2x2 USB recorder
• Best in Class 9" Touch Screen
• DAW Remote Mode including transport control
• Custom control via OSC, USB-MIDI and Provisionaire
• Bundled with Cubase Al

Software Tools

DM3 Editor

  • DM3 Editor is a stand-alone application for Windows or Mac that works for both online operation and offline configuration and editing.

DM3 Stagemix

  • DM3 StageMix is an iPad application that enables remote
    control of the DM3 Series through a simple and intuitive
    graphical interface. The engineer can control the mix
    parameters from the performer's position on the stage.


  • The MonitorMix application for iOS and Android devices puts
    control of each performer’s monitor mix into the palm of their
    own hand.

ProVisionaire Control/Touch

  • The ProVisionaire Series is software that allows you to create
    control panels tailored to your installation and operation methods
    to remotely control and monitor your equipment. ProVisionaire
    Control for Windows and ProVisionaire Touch for iPads offer
    control of a wide range of devices, including the DM3 Series.


Optional accessories

  • RK-DM3 - Rack mount kit
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