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Pioneer DJ DJM-250MK2



2-channel Digital DJ Mixer with 3-band Isolator EQs, Sound Color FX Filters, Replaceable Magvel Crossfader, USB Audio Interface, and rekordbox dj/DVS

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Pioneer DJ's DJM-250MK2 balances the simplicity of a straightforward 2-channel DJ mixer with the power of USB connectivity. No matter how old-school your DJ setup may be, this 2-channel mixer can drop right in, and you'll be able to go to town, without missing a beat. Classic Pioneer Isolator EQs let you carve out new mixes from your favorite tunes, while powerful Sound Color FX take your channel filters to the next level. But as analog as the RCA phono/line inputs may be, the integrated USB sound card makes the DJM-250MK2 perfect for your hybrid DJ system. You get full access to Pioneer's rekordbox dj and the rekordbox DVS expansion, so you can get the full benefit of DJ software, right from the turntables or decks you already love.


When you want a classic 2-channel DJ mixer layout, too many bells and whistles just get in the way. Why do that to yourself when you can get traditional quality and rock-solid performance for a great price, with Pioneer's DJM-250? Its clean, minimalist layout stays out of the way, yet it's built so well that you'll love it when you get your hands on it. Each knob feels totally solid, and the contact-free faders feature dual shafts for extreme stability, easily holding up to serious turntable tricks. What's more, the DJM-250MK2 comes loaded with one of Sweetwater's favorite Magvel crossfaders, which will probably outlast most of your DJ gear.

Only the onboard extras you really want

While the DJM-250MK2 sports a delightfully minimalist design, it resembles nothing low tech. Onboard, you'll discover dedicated Sound Color FX filters for both channels, allowing you to instantly spice up your mix. Texture is there for the taking with just the twist of a knob as you adjust the resonance and tension. What's more, the DJM-250MK2 features a full stereo USB sound card, making it easy to record your set or access your favorite DJ software.

Ready for your hybrid DJ rig

Speaking of the DJM-250's integrated sound card, this digital DJ mixer comes ready for Pioneer DJ's rekordbox dj software, including rekordbox DVS. Whether you spin vinyl or rock a set of CDJs, you're all set to take full advantage of your full music library, without sacrificing the hands-on feel of your favorite decks. If you're ready to step up to a hybrid rig right away or you want to keep your options open, the DJM-250MK2 is a great mixer from the moment you drop it into your rig.

Pioneer DJ DJM-250MK2 DJ Mixer Features:

  • A simple 2-channel DJ mixer with onboard USB audio interface
  • Familiar RCA phono/line inputs and simple layout for traditional DJing
  • 3-band isolator EQs on both channels let you carve out frequencies
  • Sound Color FX filters provide extra texture and character
  • Perform like a champ with a set of supremely smooth faders
  • Contact-free, replaceable Magvel crossfader lets you cut effortlessly
  • USB sound card lets you play back and record with your computer
  • DJ with Pioneer's rekordbox dj software (license included)
  • Includes rekordbox DVS license for vinyl or CDJ/XDJ control
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