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Reloop Stand Hub Laptop Stand w/ USB-C Power Delivery Hub



Powered Laptop/Tablet Stand with 5 Adjustable Configurations, USB-C PD Power Port, 1 USB-C Port, 4 USB-A 3.0 Ports, 3 USB Cables, and Carry Bag

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Optimize Your Laptop Music Rig for Production or Performance

Much more than a tabletop laptop stand, the Reloop Stand Hub is the perfect solution for organizing and powering your laptop-based music production system — and it's a smart choice for live performance, too. The Stand Hub can be configured in five different shapes to accommodate a range of workflow preferences, and it folds down flat for easy storage and transport. Connect your USB-C charger (sold separately), and you can power your laptop along with up to four peripheral USB devices directly from the Stand Hub. Whether you're a performing DJ, a mobile producer, or someone who simply wants a more elegant solution for your home studio desk, you'll enjoy more table space and less cable clutter with the Reloop Stand Hub.

Choose from five different configurations

The Reloop Stand Hub offers five different configurations to choose from, and it's easy to switch between them thanks to its high-quality push-lock mechanism. In addition to the five configurations below, the Stand Hub folds down flat for ultra-convenient transport along with the rest of your gear.

  • Classic "C" shape: the classic laptop stand configuration, suited to a variety of tasks
  • Lower "C" shape: brings your laptop down closer to keyboards, controllers, and other devices
  • "Z" shape: a stable configuration at an "optimal working height"
  • Lower "Z" shape: flat design optimized for tablets and controllers
  • Higher "Z" shape: classic "Z" configuration with more height to clear larger peripheral devices

  • USB-C PD port powers up to five devices

    Connect your USB-C charger (not included) to the Reloop Stand Hub, and you're ready to pass power through to your laptop (USB-C 3.2 Gen 1) and four additional devices (USB-A 3.0, downward compatible). Sweetwater is pleased to report the Stand Hub comes with a USB-C cable to connect your laptop, and two USB-C to USB-A cables for other devices. The Stand Hub can be used either as an Active or Passive USB hub, and features built-in short circuit, overcurrent, overvoltage, and overheating protection

  • Reloop Stand Hub Powered Laptop/Tablet Stand Features:

    • Laptop/tablet stand with built-in USB-C PD power port
    • 5 adjustable configurations to suit your workflow style
    • Folds flat for easy transport in the included carry bag
    • USB-C power connection for your laptop (charger not included)
    • 4 USB-A 3.0 ports for peripheral devices
    • Hub can be used in Active or Passive modes
    • Built-in protection against short circuiting, overcurrent/overvoltage states, and overheating
    • Cables included: USB-C to C (11.8 inches), USB-C to A (9.8 inches), and USB-C to A (19.7 inches)

Tech Specs

  • Type:Z
  • Weight:3 lbs.


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