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Yamaha DXL1K

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1,100-watt Powered Column PA Speaker with 12″ Subwoofer, 10 x 1.5″ Line Array, 2-channel Mixer, and 3 EQ Modes (each)

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Simple, compact, and powerful, the DXL1K 1100W Powered Portable Speaker System from Yamaha delivers uniform and quality sound over a wide coverage area while maintaining a highly portable form factor. Featuring 10 slim HF drivers arranged in a J-Curve line array and a large 12" subwoofer contained in an ultracompact ABS cabinet, the DXL1K is an ideal choice for portable versatility, with a lightweight design, an incredibly easy and fast set up time, and an expandable link system that lets you connect to a Yamaha STAGEPAS 1K mkII system for greater coverage, output power, or stereo playback.

The system is powered by a 1100W max Class-D amplifier, capable of delivering impressive 125 dB SPL and leveraging Yamaha's years of professional PA design for maximum stability and sound quality, even at very high output levels. Yamaha's Twisted Flare Port technology ensures deep, powerful bass response without distortion, and the system comes with a convenient slipcover that protects your speakers while providing handy storage for spacers, line array modules, or any other useful accessories.

J-Curve Slim Line Array
The high-frequency section of the system is composed of 10 small-diameter, 1.5" speakers arranged in a curved, J-shaped line array. This design configuration allows the system to achieve a vertical coverage of 30° across a span of 170°. The long, 10-driver array can deliver clean, clear, high-quality sound consistently over long distances, projecting uniform sound from the front to the rear of the audience.
Powerful Advanced "Compact" Subwoofer
The DXL1K features a 12" subwoofer that is, in fact, the largest in its class. Despite the large 12" speaker, the subwoofer sports the smallest cabinet on the market for a subwoofer of this size and power. This means that the speaker delivers massive low-end power while taking up a minimal amount of precious real estate on stages. By incorporating Yamaha's Twisted Flare Port technology to reduce port wind noise that often plagues compact bass-reflex subs, the low-frequency output is maximized, producing very deep, powerful, distortion-free bass.
1100W Class-D Amplifier
With 1100W max of Class-D amplification, the DXL1K can deliver an impressive 125 dB SPL from its surprisingly compact speaker cabinet. Yamaha has leveraged their decades-long experience as a manufacturer of professional PA products, ensuring that with great power comes great stability. The DXL1K maintains the same accurate, high-quality sound even at very high output levels.
Superior Utility and Portability

The DXL1K is not only capable of uniformly filling a wide area with quality sound, but its also lightweight enough to be easily carried by anyone, and simple enough to set up in as little as one minute. Simply affix the two spacers and speaker unit into the subwoofer and you are done—no cables, stands, or additional gear is required. The system can even be expanded by linking it to a STAGEPAS 1K mkII system, allowing a maximum of five mono inputs and one stereo input.

  • Easy to rapidly set up in one to two minutes, no extra cables required
  • Lightweight ABS cabinet and polyurea coating for rugged durability in harsh performance environments
  • Wide frequency response of 37 Hz to 20 kHz for deep lows and crisp highs
  • Expandable via STAGEPAS systems, link the systems for stereo playback, greater coverage, increased output power, and/or expanded inputs
  • Two combo XLR-1/4" inputs, XLR link in and out jacks
  • Includes fitted cover with pouches for storage of spacers, speaker array, or additional accessories
  • Compatible with optional DL-SP1K dolly for convenient transportation
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