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Allen & Heath Avantis Solo



64-channel, 42-bus Digital Mixer with 6 XLR inputs, 12 Faders, Virtual FX Rack, and 15.6″ HD Touchscreen

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The Allen & Heath Avantis Solo digital mixer was built to revolutionize the way you mix live sound. Equipped with the same dLive technology as Allen & Heath's flagship mixers, the Avantis Solo is a 64-channel / 42-bus compact console that strikes the perfect balance between old-school analog mixing and cutting-edge digital processing. Those who love analog mixers will appreciate the 12 channel strips complete with manual faders and PAFL switches. The unit has a 15.6-inch DSP touchscreen that offers gesture control, fully customizable routing options, and 72 fader strips (12 faders, six layers). Whether it's handling a few mic connections or synchronizing gear with the word clock and connecting to a Dante network, the Avantis Solo can handle all your live sound needs.

Customizable layout gives you total control

If you're like Sweetwater's audio engineers and want to control as much of the performance as possible, you'll love the Avantis Solo. Why? This compact unit gives you total control over mix bus architecture and lets you customize the layout in whatever way that makes the most sense to you. Avantis Solo is loaded with Continuity UI that uses drag 'n' drop parameters and physical controls to create an intuitive workflow with at-a-glance navigation. As if that's not enough control, the Avantis Solo by Allen & Heath has 18 assignable SoftKeys and user-configurable rotary controls.

15.6-inch touchscreen turbocharges your workflow

Allen & Health wanted to make the Avantis Solo their most flexible compact mixer yet. To do that, they loaded the unit with Continuity UI and a 15.6-inch high-definition touchscreen. This screen is ultra-responsive and utilizes gesture controls to pinch, swipe, and drag 'n' drop your way through the intuitive interface. You can open configurable widget areas to load up your scenes, meters, and use RackExtra FX to add effects like Reverb, Chorus, and Delays. With the abundance of options and user control, your workflow will look and feel exactly how you want it to.

Superior expandability can handle it all

Straight out of the box, Avantis Solo can handle six XLR inputs and outputs, network I/O, and SLink connections to handle 64 channels at a time with 72 fader strips. The Avantis Solo has two I/O ports on the back that are each capable of 128 x 128 operation at 96kHz for cards including Dante, MADI, Waves, and gigaACE. This mixer has an SLink port that controls your I/O expanders, stage boxes, and networked equipment. The Avantis Solo is equipped with word clock I/O that keeps all your digital gear perfectly synced to ensure your show runs without a hitch.

Allen & Heath Avantis Solo Digital Mixer Features:

  • Continuity UI combines digital and analog controls for lightning-fast workflow
  • 15.6-inch touchscreen uses intuitive gesture control to make things easy
  • Fully assignable layout allows for at-a-glance navigation
  • 12 manual channel strips have 6 switchable banks for easy changes
  • I/O ports can handle 128 x 128 operation at 96kHz for Dante, MADI, Waves, and gigaACE
  • 6 locking XLR inputs with one AES digital input
  • Network I/O and SLink connections easily handle 64 channels at a time
  • 18 assignable SoftKeys let you add extra functionality
  • 12 RackExtra FX slots utilize dedicated returns
  • Onboard word clock function quickly syncs with other digital gear
  • Full metal chassis resists wear and tear
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