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Professional active two-way studio monitors

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The black AYRA PRO6. Active Two-Way Professional Monitor is designed to provide producers and engineers with a powerful speaker that delivers neutral and precise audio monitoring to ensure accurate recordings and mixes. FiRPHASE processing, paired with dedicated internal DSP, ensures neutrality with a 0° phase response, while an extended range of inputs and frequency optimization controls allow the speaker to adapt to a wide range of studio and project facilities as well as home recording setups.

Optimized for a wide range of near-field applications, the PRO6.5 features a high-energy soft-dome tweeter with advanced magnetics, ferrofluid cooling, and a low-distortion waveguide for high-frequency clarity and definition. The tweeter is driven by a 40W Class-D amp, while a second 80W Class-D amp drives the 6.5" composite fiberglass woofer. The front bass reflex port delivers a larger portion of the energy forward and away from rear walls, making the speaker well suited to in-wall installations.

Powerful, Composite-Cone Woofer
The AYRA PRO low-frequency drivers are accurately designed for tight and true reproduction. The voice coil winding length is optimized for an extended low-frequency range. The composite fiberglass membrane cone design is engineered to maximize rigidity, damping, and performance durability.
Potent Power Amplifiers
Focus your creativity on your music at any volume. The AYRA PRO models are provided with two high-power and low-distortion Class-D True Active amplifiers. Internal limiters will protect you from extreme clippings that can damage the transducers.
Accurate Phase Response
The AYRA PRO is the first Studio Monitor in its class to boast an outstanding 0° phase response. All models are designed with FiRPHASE, a proprietary and advanced FIR filtering technology, conceived for delivering transparent sound, absolute clarity, and perfect stereo images to the listener. A dedicated powerful internal DSP optimizes frequency response and dynamics with exclusive RCF FiRPHASE processing.
  • Acoustic
    • Frequency Response: 45Hz – 20000Hz
    • Max SPL @ 1m: 109dB
    • Horizontal coverage angle: 110°
    • Vertical coverage angle: 70°
  • Transducers
    • Dome Tweeter: 1.0” neo, 1.0” v.c
    • Woofer: 6.5”, 1.2” v.c
  • Input/Output section
    • Input signal: bal/unbal
    • Input connectors: XLR, Jack, RCA
    • Input sensitivity: -2dBu / +4dBu
  • Processor section
    • Crossover Frequencies: 2000Hz
    • Limiter: Soft Limiter
    • Controls: HF Adjust -1dB,0,+1dB
    • LF Adjust -2dB,0,+2dB
  • Power section
    • Total Power: 240W Peak, 120W RMS
    • High frequencies: 80W Peak, 40W RMS
    • Low frequencies: 160W Peak, 80W RMS
  • Connections: XLR, Jack, RCA
  • Standard compliance CE marking: Yes
  • Physical specifications
    • Cabinet/Case Material: MDF
    • Color: Black – RAL 9005
  • Size
    • Height: 340mm / 13.39 inches
    • Width: 210mm / 8.27 inches
    • Depth: 290mm / 11.42 inches
    • Weight: 5.5kg / 12.13lbs
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