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880-watt 2-way Powered Line Array Loudspeaker with 2 x 6.5-inch LF Drivers, 3-inch Compression Driver, DSP, Wi-Fi Compatibility, LCD, and JBL Software Suite

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Audio professionals in need of a scalable small- to medium-sized sound reinforcement system will be impressed with the JBL SRX906LA, a dual 6.5" powered line array speaker well suited for rental companies, touring artists, DJs, and installations. The integrated DSP and amplification offer a true plug-and-play experience while providing consistency and optimum performance anywhere in the world.

The dual 6.5" neodymium Differential Drive woofers and 3" compression driver are powered by the built-in Class-D amplifier and provide a frequency response of 63 Hz to 17 kHz at 134 peak SPL. The computer-designed enclosure is made from composite materials, which offer remarkable performance while remaining compact and lightweight. The 3-point rigging system allows for flexibility in deployment whether in ground stacking or rigging. A full-featured software package provides users control of the system on various platforms including Windows, Mac, and iOS for iPad.


  • High-performance, high-density system solution in a truck-pack friendly format
  • High-power-handling transducers deliver low distortion, high fidelity, and class-leading output
  • Built-in, passively cooled Class D amplification with a universal power supply
  • Dual Ethernet ports with Neutrik etherCON connectors
  • Supports HARMAN HControl Ethernet
  • User-controllable DSP
  • LevelMax limiting uses sophisticated excursion-control algorithms to protect transducers
  • Rear-panel LCD provides complete access to control features
  • Reinforced composite loudspeaker enclosures
  • Innovative three-point rigging system

Acoustic Design
At the heart of the SRX900 Series acoustic design is JBL's proprietary Radiation Boundary Integrator, adapted from the groundbreaking VTX Series of line array loudspeakers. The RBI device mounts both the high- and low-frequency transducers on a single horn, improving horizontal directivity while reducing cabinet size. Precisely placed low-frequency projection apertures work in tandem with the high-frequency horn to seamlessly integrate the three symmetrically mounted drivers. The unusually large horn extends low-frequency control and reduces unwanted energy behind the array.

Powered Solution
The fully integrated built-in amplifier and DSP are based on proven JBL technologies and explicitly packaged to fit the needs of the SRX900 Series. The DSP includes everything needed to optimize a system, including 24 user-adjustable filters, 2000ms of delay, and advanced features like array size compensation and FIR-based throw distance correction filters.

Pro Build Quality
SRX900 Series line array loudspeakers are housed in FEA-optimized composite enclosures that offer excellent size-to-weight ratio and increased internal volume. CAD-optimized structure stiffeners control flexing, resulting in a rigid, lightweight enclosure. Speakers are designed for a clean, modern look, with enclosed side panels and integrated handles.

Versatile and Scalable
The SRX900 Series offers a complete system solution, including speakers, subwoofers, accessories, and software that support a variety of configurations and simplify storage, transport, and rigging. Because systems are scalable, it's easy to start with a small system and add components over time. All SRX900 products have been designed to work seamlessly with other JBL tour sound products, with common voicing targets and phase characteristics that ensure systems combine coherently.

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