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Eliminator Lighting Mega Hex L Par



6-in-1 RGBLA+UV PAR with 4 x 20W LEDs, Digital Display, Electronic Dimming, Strobe, and Remote Control

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Gain maximum creative control over your lighting setup with the Eliminator Mega Hex L PAR from Sweetwater. This compact, lightweight PAR is rigged with four 20-watt 6-in-1 Hex LEDs that provide vibrant shades like hot pink, lime green, and cobalt blue, as well as a tunable white temperature control that allows you to get the right hue for your setup. Despite its condensed size, the Mega Hex L PAR is equally suited for both small and large setups; its patented “sit-flat” design allows it to be placed on the stage, fixed inside a truss system, or even daisy chained to additional fixtures in order to light a larger space. With an easily navigable 4-button OLED display that simplifies effects like dimming, strobes, and color mixing, you’ll have a blast creating captivating displays with little to no effort.

Eliminator Mega Hex L PAR Features:

  • Compact, lightweight 4 x 20-watt HEX-color LED PAR for stage setups of all sizes
  • Patented “sit-flat” design features DMX data and power cables on each side of the fixture, enabling you to daisy chain additional lights for larger setups
  • Can be fixed to truss systems or placed directly onstage, thanks to its stable rubber feet
  • Tunable white temperature control from 2,300–9900K permits additional user flexibility
  • Easily navigable 4-button OLED display menu
  • 7 DMX channel modes with 3-pin connectors
  • 63 built-in color macros and 13 built-in programs deliver highly customizable visual displays
  • Includes a 20° frost filter, a wireless IR remote, an IEC power cord, a safety cable, and a scissor yoke
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